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The WC Package gives a sample of wellness methods & modalities to improve overall health. 


Wellness Connect will bring several practitioners to your office for employees to enjoy and benefit from different modalities. We will work with you to create a unique blend of modalities that will fit your office's needs. Relieve stress with massage, rejuvenate energy with reiki, or benefit from WC nutrition & executive coaching consultations, there are many possibilities. 

In these mini sessions, employees will learn about and experience a broad and diverse variety of treatment modalities, which provide relief and promote wellness of both body and mind. Invest in your health and enjoy the benefits of long lasting energy, productivity and stress-relief.

In addition, WC will provide a speaker on the topic of your choice to include in your wellness package. 

For an additional fee Wellness Connect will provide a healthy lunch to accompany the presentation for program participants.

All programs can be customized and modified for the greater good of your company. Quotes available upon request.

Wellness Connect



71% of employees say wellness packages were extremely or very important to their job satisfaction," -Refresh Leadership