A webinar is an online seminar allowing you to access our lectures at your convenience andfrom the comfort of your home or car.  Explore our options below. 


Awaken your Purpose with Maryann Robbat:

Are you living your life in ease and flow connected to your purpose? Or, are you stuck in overwhelm exhaustion or confusion?

Join us for this free, one-hour session with Energetic Healing Master and Executive Coach, Mary Ann Robbat. She will show you how aligning with your purpose can create anything you want in life and will share her powerful gifts to heal an area where you are off purpose and out of flow in your life. Experience for yourself what is possible for your life. 

Embracing Life's Transitions with Rebecca Brockelman:

“How can I be in this place of change, so ready for movement and progress, and at the same time feel so uncertain about where to plant my foot?”- Katrina Kenison

Rebecca Brockelman, a certified integral coach, will be offering a free 45-minute webinar on transitions. Rebecca offers support to clients who are navigating change in their lives acting as a guide in their journey to integrate the old and the new. Change is inevitable and in fact, transitions are an opportunity to assess what no longer works to make way for what wants to emerge in our lives. Navigating the space between what was and what will be is often the most challenging part.

Online recording* of: Understanding Perimenopause with Amanda Tracy:

Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND will discuss how our shifting hormones can cause symptoms for many women before menopause and what types of hormone testing are appropriate for different age groups and symptoms. Learn about the hormone changes that can start as early as your mid-30s which can impact your mood, metabolism, memory and menstrual cycle - and the natural options available to balance these hormones.

*This is a recording of our in person lecture on 9/27. In addition to the audio, you will receive a powerpoint/outline to  follow along.