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Sargent l. goodchild, jr.

Neurological reorganization



Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.
Neurological Reorganization Practitioner
Executive Director
Active Healing

Beverly, MA

Treatment Focus/ Specialties: 
Developmental movement disorders
Ion Cleanse foot detoxification
Far infrared Sauna
Brainwave Entrainment
SonicLife whole body vibration
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

The developmental process is a sequence of experiences, which physically grow the brain and the body. When a child is prevented from developing through specific developmental stages, it can have consequences that impact their learning ability, social skills or emotional state. At Active Healing, we have specialized for 20 years in determining which areas of the brain need integration and teaching parents how to facilitate the correlating skills. In addition, we have added technology largely based around detoxification, so the brain can heal unimpeded by toxins. These detoxification technologies are excellent for anyone interested in achieving or maintaining good health, and are available to the public thorough our office in Beverly, MA. 

Practitioner of neurological organization
Specializing in children with autism, attachment & bonding disorders, learning disabilities & developmental disabilities. 

Years in Practice: 20+



  • Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.