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Sandra Bemis
Board Certified Hypnotist

Ipswich, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties: Stress/Anxiety management, autoimmune symptom relief. Pre/post surgery preparedness. Habit Cessation and self-improvement motivation. Hypnosis certification/instruction for both medical professionals as well as others wanting new wellness career paths.  

About:  Sandra is a Board Certified Hypnotist who combines hypnosis with evidence-based mind-body science for autoimmune symptom management, stress management, stress management, motivation, habit cessation and pre/post surgery preparedness. She is the creator of the Symptom Relief System™ - a fusion of body-centered intelligence, neuroplasticity, hypnosis and bio-energy healing. Sandra is featured in Andrew Lenhardt, MD’s book, Best of All Worlds, for her clinical hypnosis. She is a public speaker, writer and an award-winning hypnosis trainer. With recommendations from actress/health innovator Shirley MacLaine for her use of hypnosis and energy medicine, Sandy has been sought after internationally for her techniques. She has studied and been influenced by some of the most groundbreaking neuroscientists. Her formal training in both clinical and spiritual approaches allows her to draw on a wide variety of techniques. Sandra strives to position the power of hypnosis for its proven abilities.

Years in practice: 25+ years      

Newbury College
Board Certification – clinical hypnosis
Adjunct Instructor for Nat'l Guild Hypnotists
Pediatric Hypnosis
Emergency Responder Hypnosis
Past Life Certification
Reiki Master (1996)
Licensed Massage Therapy
Infant Massage Instruction
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Other Credentials:
Founder/operator, Whole Health Hypnosis
Creator of Symptom Relief System
Author, Pendulums for Everyday Use
Author, Like Pebbles in a Pond