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easy glazed brussels sprouts


My fabulous mentor back in Berkeley, Emily Su, taught me this simple, and super quick method. Just a touch of butter and maple syrup (or honey) really make for an everyday celebratory side to pair with most any protein. All-time favorite combination: glazed Brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes and roasted chicken (yes, organic rotisserie chicken from the store would be perfect here!)


spiced meatballs


These are not your average meatballs.  They are loaded with veggies, warm spices and herbs, AND they are grain free (if using the almond meal)!  Make a batch to snack on throughout the week, pop into school lunches, or reheat for dinner when your week gets really hectic.  They are spiced, but not spicy, so the moderately adventurous kiddo can totally get on board.


tigernut muffins


These are a great alternative to grain and nut flour-based muffins, and are really easy to make.  They've got a natural sweetness and make a great morning or afternoon snack (and I'll bet they'd be a welcome addition to a lunchbox, too!)


Smokey Quinoa & Black Beans


This is one of those seemingly odd recipes that ends up being totally delicious and super comes together in a snap, and the pineapple, smokey paprika and coconut aminos  blend deliciously. I’ve been making this for clients topped with tons of cilantro and chopped tomatoes, but have also used it as a filling for tacos with handmade tortillas and avocado. 



Working for clients with sugar-addicted kiddos has inspired me to test lots of sweet, yet nutrient-dense snacks. these have passed the test for several awesome kids I know, and they’re even super fun to make with them! 

coconut tumeric chicken

Cooking for clients following the Autoimmune Paleo Diet has inspired Jenny Bryne to create dairy and seed free versions of some of her favorite recipes.  Marinating this for several hours is key so that the lime, coconut and spices really penetrate the meat.  Since the marinade takes about 5 minutes to throw together, she likes to marinate the chicken in the morning so that it’s ready to grill for dinner.


Seared Tuna with Smashed Cucumber & Ume Vinaigrette


Bright, crunchy and so ready for a warm Summer night, this AIP recipe is satisfyingly savory and has a real umami hit from the ume vinegar. Ume vinegar is made from umeboshi, cured Japanese plums, and is a great agent in ramping up saliva production (which is an often-forgotten and hugely important


grilled chicken tikka

This favorite recipe packs lots of flavor with very little effort.  When using curry powder, make sure that you haven't had it in your cupboard for more than a year.  Flavor and nutrient will fade with those forgotten spices, so head to your nearest store with a good bulk spice section and stock up on some new curry powder.  Common Crown in Gloucester has two great options, one with salt (a little spicy) and one without salt (more mild).  The longer you let this marinate the more flavor and more tender the chicken will be.  I usually aim for about an hour. 


Kale and Cabbage Slaw with Pistachio vinaigrette

Kale and cabbage, both members of the cruciferous family, are anti-inflammatory and rich in sulfur and vitamin C. Sulfur-rich foods can help the body detoxify from Lyme disease die off more effectively. 


Spring Asparagus & Kumquat Relish

This is an incredibly clean side dish that pairs beautifully with grilled, seared or baked chicken or halibut.  It is gluten and dairy free, and can easily be modified for folks working to clear up SIBO (substitute shallots with sliced scallion tops, and if you can't do asparagus use any other green vegetable that works for you).  

Gluten free quiche recipe

This is a great make-ahead weekday breakfast or snack for the whole family, and can be eaten warm or at room temperature. Although this does contain dairy, it is far lighter and much more nutrient-dense than traditional quiche- Enjoy!


Recently, I was diagnosed with  SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overload), which is common in many GI diagnoses of colitis, IBS and chrones. Check out these 5 awesome recipes that follow the SIBO diet. 

October Recipes

 Fall is here, as mothers we are running from one activity to the next. My goal in sharing recipes is keeping the dinners simple and healthy and being realistic about what families will eat.

End of summer recipes

Enjoy these four new recipes as you transition from Summer to Fall