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Rebecca Brockelman

integral coach


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Rebecca Brockelman
Integral Coach

Topsfield, MA (can work virtually)

Treatment Focus/ Specialties:
Life transitions
Being more intentional about the direction of one's life

As an integral coach, I partner with my clients to support their growth in a holistic way. It is not about a quick-fix to a situation. I develop a customized process for each client that addresses the whole person - both their inner world (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, physical being etc.) and outer world (work, relationships, cultural background, etc.) for lasting, sustainable change. The outcomes of the integral method of coaching are:

  • Competency to Self-Generate: developing the ability to draw on one’s inner and outer resources in response to what comes up in life or at work; rather than a long-term reliance on a coach.

  • Ability to Self-Correct: becoming expert observers of ourselves; noticing when our actions are not producing the outcome we desire; and, being able to change course.

  • Long-Term Excellence: becoming someone who possesses a broader set of responses and ways to address life’s challenges and / or step into opportunities.

The coaching process involves an initial assessment, development of a custom plan, and a series of coaching sessions over an agreed upon time frame to support learning and change over time.

Degrees/ Certifications:
Certified Integral Coach- New Ventures West Bachelor's Degree, Georgetown University '92

Years in practice:
1st year in practice

Other Credentials:
Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT