Losing my Power

I lost my power… we have heard this phrase a lot here to read more.

38 Calls Later...  -  (Part 1)

People don’t like to talk about their shit, both literally and figuratively. I am 46 years old and I have been diagnosed with collagenous colitis. It’s not cancer, I know, but it’s no way to here to read more.


I did it, I did it, I did it. I showed them, the doctors, I am not crazy; I pushed for more answers, I searched for a doctor who would listen to me. After receiving the news I had Collaganeous Colitis I wanted to find a doctor who would help me on the journey to discovering why and what was causing the inflammation in my here to read more.

humbleD  -  (PART 3)

I have my second appointment with the Naturopath to discuss protocol. My husband insists the night before he is coming with me; I feel too sick to disagree, honestly I am a little here to read more.


I am afraid. I am afraid to write. I am afraid to expose myself to the judgment and criticism. Society is really hard on us and women are really hard on each other. I am afraid I'm not good enough. Where does fear come from? Where does it breed? How does it grow and how do we stop it?  Having four children I want to help guide them to be confident individuals. We can only control so here to read more.


Honestly summer takes a lot of patience and mostly practice. I like order and I thrive on efficiency.  This summer has been anything but orderly having four kids home with very little scheduled and trying to run my own business. As you can imagine I like schedule. So I practiced and tried to breath when the sink was full of dishes and wet towels strewn on the floor. I tried to take chaos and make it feel busy. I tried to remind myself that some day I would in fact miss the here to read more.