Conversation with our Founder
Hear Charlotte Gibson's story and what lead her start WC. 

Feeling Stuck
Listen to our conversation with life coach Rebecca Brockleman

What is Functional Nutrition?
Join WC and Marnie Lawler and learn about functional nutrition, and how health advocates work...and what happens to your health when you do something you love everyday. 

Why Having a Doctor who Focuses on Women's Health is Important for you
A conversation with naturopath and women's health specialist Amanda Tracy. Covering hormones and thyroids.

Craniosacral Therapy: Healing the Body & in turn the Mind 
Discover with Phoebe Larkin the benefits of the emotional release that accompanies the healing of physical pains, anxiety, digestive issues and concussions while doing Craniosacral Therapy.

What is Ayurveda?
A conversation with Kim Sardo, an Ayurvedic practitioner. Why is balance important in our lives and what  it means to treat the root cause not the symptom. 

What Acupuncture can do for You
How this immune boosting modality is your biggest support for allergies, chronic illness, pain and even overall mood. 

Holistic Chef: Healing in the Kitchen
Meet our Holistic Chef, Jenny Bryne. She not only provides healing meals to meet your dietary restrictions but works with you to empower and educate you and your family. 

How Astrology Works as a Map for your Life
Learn the basics of how astrology can be used to guide you through your life. What do you your North and South node mean? What does it mean to grow into your sign? 

Gaining Clarity with Energy Healing
Learn from Kerry Jones how Energy Healing brings clarity, purpose and harmony to your life on a physical and spiritual level. 

How to Use Your Dreams to Guide You Through Life
Dream Therapist, Jane Kunin, discusses the gift of the dream and how to use them to your advantage. Listen to her interpret and analyze founder, Charlotte Gibson's, dream