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movement specialist



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Paula Henry
Movement Specialist
Beverly, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties: 
I work with your body through active release technique, passive stretching, massage techniques, opening up the fascia and re-stabilizing the structure of your body through my special hands-on techniques. With the knowledge of how to teach you proper movement of your body, I can help you undo bad movement habits and show you how to move better.

In my 12 years working with clients, I have found that each person presents with specific and unique needs. I have the ability to assess the root source of your pain, based upon what is holding you back. My assessment process uncovers the truth of their body, how it has broken down, and how weaknesses have manifested. The primary tool I use is my hands. I detect where my client's tension and compromises reside, and I create a balance that stabilizes the underlying structures allowing the body to function as it was designed

API Posture Expert

Other Credentials:
USSA Sport Coaching Certification
USA Track & Field
USA Swimming
Studied massage therapy - yearlong program with Spa Tech 

Years in Practice: