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Nicole Olivier-Degere

life Coaching

Nicole Olivier-Degere
Life Coach & OT
Essex, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
Transition Coach, Career and Relationship Coach, OT consultant with special skills in type one diabetes, scoliosis & fusion.

Dragonfly Life Coaching is someone to listen and inspire change via individual and group coaching. For those who seek a face-to-face session, coaching is offered for local clients on a personalized plan and schedule to help see through the desired change or transition. Coaching is also available remotely via phone and Zoom. For people looking for someone just to talk to, there is also an option to book an hourly confidential session. Nicole Olivier-Degere combines her 20-plus years as a practicing occupational therapist, treating all people with a whole person approach, with the life coach credential to help those seeking positive change with the utmost care and professionalism.

Certified Life Coach
Registered & Licensed OT

Years in Practice:
OT since 1997
Life Coach since 2018