Charlotte's Story

Looking back, I now believe that Wellness Connect evolved after I had children. I did everything a good mother should: I went to the doctor for shots and when my kids were sick, I gave them medicine. When my oldest was seven, two incidents happened that became my epiphany changing the way I thought and how I would handle future health issues in my family. I started listening to my intuition and learned to advocate for my family.  Before I approached doctors as if what they said was always right and didn’t question authority. It never hurts to ask questions, even if it's in your own head.

My first encounter with the universe redirecting my path was when I was pregnant with my fourth child. My oldest was in 1st grade, second in kindergarten and my youngest was 3 years old. Some might say I was in the weeds. Believe me, I was deep in the weeds.

My oldest, Ben, was experiencing neck pain. Initially I was concerned it could be Lyme Disease. When that was ruled out we spent the next few months being passed from doctor to doctor. Sometimes they would diagnose him with a syndrome then change their course and send me to a new specialist. By the end of three months I still had no idea why my son had neck pain, with no one answering my calls and clearly no one calling me saying, "Hey, how is your seven year old feeling?" I remember sitting there nine months pregnant, hormonal, stressed and sobbing with no support.

I explained the pain my son was in to a friend and she recommended a pediatric acupuncturist. I was open and willing -maybe desperate - so we began going once a week with baby in tow. We drove an hour to the appointments. The acupuncturist treated Ben with press balls and acupressure. He helped him find comfort and giving me hope that finally we might be on the right path. I I I became a strong believer, sometimes wanting to leap on the table myself because it looked so relaxing. I know we are not always going to get answers as to why someone is in pain but we deserve to feel supported and heard.

Shortly after, Ben kept getting really sick with strep. Sometimes it was so debilitating that he couldn't walk. No medicine was working so the doctors suggested that he have his tonsils taken out. I went to the ENT. Ben hated the doctor. Ben is a sweet, quiet kid but when he arrived at the doctor’s office it was as if an alien took over his little body. Anyway, we were at the ENT and I had reassured Ben there will be no shots. The ENT doctor walked in and immediately, in front of my very sensitive 7 year old, gave a full description of the procedure of having your tonsils removed including words like “oozing,”  “puss,” and “blood.”.”” He then ended the explanation with, “but you get to have all the ice cream you want!” 

At that point, all Ben could focus on was oozing puss. That was my turning point. When the doctor asked, "So, do you have any questions?" I thought, yeah, they let you go through med school? But instead, I stood up and graciously took Ben's hand and said goodbye. We left and I told Ben that no matter what happened we would never see that doctor again.

My neighbor who was a nutritionist suggested I bring Ben to a homeopathic doctor. We drove again about an hour and landed coincidentally in the same building as our acupuncturist (I’ve come to learn now that nothing is ever a coincidence). We talked for some time and he recommended a homeopathic remedy for Ben to help purge not only physically, but emotionally as well. Ben was worrying so much about the new baby and our upcoming move to a new home that his body got sick. Ben took a homeopathic remedy daily for a few months and it helped him in more than one way. He was no longer constipated (no more Miralax-have you ever looked at the ingredients), no more eczema and five years later, he has not had strep once.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, he never needed his tonsils out. The universe works in wonderful ways.

I believe there is a way to have western and eastern medicine to come together for the greater good of the patients. All people deserve accurate information and communication. My journey for my family just reminded me to find a balance and a place for all medicine. This is my purpose for Wellness Connect to share knowledge and encourage individuals to advocate, educate, and empower themselves as people. I think we deserve the best. That may mean something different for each individual.