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Miranda Labant 

Naturopathic physician



Miranda LaBant
Naturopathic Physician

Hampton, NH

Treatment Focus & Specialties:
Integrative Oncology
Women’s Health including hormone balancing, mood disorders, cervical dysplasia, BHRT, menopausal syndrome, premenstrual syndrome
Dermatology including Rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis
Gastrointestinal Health including Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease
Endocrine disorders including adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis  

Miranda LaBant, ND, graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. After receiving her doctorate in naturopathic medicine, she moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and completed a CNME accredited residency in integrative oncology.

The practice of integrative oncology includes well researched measures to increase the effectiveness of conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, while also reducing the incidence of common side effects. Dr. LaBant incorporates evidence-based natural therapies with the intention of improving the prognosis and quality of life of those with a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. LaBant’s practice combines the best of both naturopathic philosophy and conventional medicine, to help her patients achieve and maintain optimal health safely and naturally. Her areas of focus include integrative oncology, endocrine health, digestive health, integrative dermatology, women’s health and chronic infectious disease.

She utilizes individualized nutrition, targeted supplementation, intravenous nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, classical and complex homeopathy, gentle bio-therapeutic drainage, and lifestyle approaches to help patients reach their goals and achieve optimal wellness.

Degrees/ Certifications:
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, National University of Health Sciences, 2016
MSc, Health Sciences, Cleveland State University, 2011
BS, Health Sciences, Cleveland State University, 2010  

Years in Practice: 2 years

Other Credentials: 
CNME Residency, Integrative Oncology, Lokahi Health Center, 2018
IV & Nutrient Therapy (IIVNTP), 2016