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“Being present without judgment in every moment,”- Jon Kabit Zinn


Being mindful in a small moment can positively impact lifetime patterns

People can be more successful and fulfilled in the workplace if they an feel more resilient, remain objective, be responsive rather than reactive, as well as build trust with their colleagues. Mindfulness can be a helpful tool to enable people to build these resources.

Mindfulness Program *: 
This program enables employees to gain a fuller insight into Mindfulness, as well as the opportunity to learn steps how to practice on a daily basis.  It will also teach the employees different ways to meditate and the benefits in the workplace of practicing in Mindfulness.

*All programs are also offered as a one-hour/time offering or series.

For an additional fee Wellness Connect will provide a healthy lunch to accompany the presentation for program participants.

All programs can be customized and modified for the greater good of your company. Quotes available upon request. 


Wellness Connect


"Multiple research studies have shown that meditation has the potential to decrease anxiety, thereby potentially boosting resilience and performance under stress,"-Harvard Business Review