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Maureen Magauran, MD
Holistic Psychiatrist

Danvers, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties:    
I work primarily with women and moms who struggle with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, life transitions, trauma. I help women find true fulfillment in their lives again, creating greater balance, deepening intimacy in their relationships and gaining clarity in their sense of purpose and direction. I’m a physician with over 20 years experience in psychiatry. I use a spiritual approach to healing, incorporating the best of eastern and western medicine to help you transform on all levels of your being. I help busy women who want to change the world so they can make an impact.

Dr. Maureen Magauran is a Board certified physician, IST (Inner Space Techniques) meditation practitioner and speaker. She is highly sought after for her unique, holistic and spiritual approach to healing stress while empowering successful women to find true fulfillment. With formal training in psychiatry, psychoanalysis and integrative nutrition, Maureen has over 20 years of professional and personal experience in the fields of meditation, body and sexuality process, trauma recovery and intuitive eating. She takes the best of eastern and western medicine, drawing on a range of tools like meditation, energy work, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapy training to help thousands of clients become more successful while embracing their true feminine nature and having time for relaxation and pleasure. Her work has been featured on NPR, TEDx blog, Andover TV, Merrimack Valley Magazine and Thrive Global where her recent article had tens of thousands of views and shares. Her talks have been sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Natural Living Expo and the Holistic Mom’s Network. Through her one on one work she helps successful women live more without doing more. Maureen lives in the Boston area with her husband and two sons. Get her {Free} Stress-Less Challenge here. [http://maureenmagauran.com/stress-less-challenge/]

Medical doctor
Board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology
IST Meditation Practitioner
Health Coach, Advanced Nutrition: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Years in Practice: 19 years