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Mary donovan

strength & flexibility stretcher



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Mary Donovan
Strength & Flexibility Stretcher
Gloucester, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties: 
I call this innovative stretching method Real Stretching, since it does what we hoped old school stretching would!  It provides increased flexibility, mobility & lubrication of joints; reduced muscle tension & tightness; and significantly – a removal of dense fascia.  Working with your contracted muscles and natural tension we harness the power in your own muscles to change you. Your long-term and newer body issues get attended to by altering your tissue with immediate and lasting results… tissue transformation is what this is all about and changes you in ways outside just your physiology. 

I partner with clients to assist THEM in their desire for greater health. Stretching Sessions with me are physically dynamic, and fun and light.  I like a collaborative session where together we find what restricts you biomechanically, address pain, chronic tightness and other conditions you’d like to improve. People report to me sleep improvement, marked recovery from injury, nighttime cramps reduced, to name a few.

The stretching works on your fascia – connective tissue throughout the body – which has no nerves, and so it is painless.

Once I was introduced to this form of stretching in 2015, my chronic shoulder pains disappeared, I am now able to fix my own low back when stiff, I aged backwards, and my perspective changed.  I love being able to offer these results and more for clients.

I also love teaching small classes and workshops and private sessions for self-stretching with this method.

Affiliate Certification –The Genius of Flexibility
Resistance Flexibility by Bob Cooley

Other Credentials:
Wellness Coach Certification –Int’l Assoc. of  Wellness Professionals (in process)  

Years in Practice:
Since 2016