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Mary Ann Robbat


Mary Ann Robbat
Holistic Coaching and Energy Healing For Powerful Change

Robbat Center
3 Bow St. Lexington, MA 02420

M.Ed, Boston University
Energy Healing Modalities
Medical Intuitive Reader
Success Coach
Business Coach
Healing for Impac

Years in Practice:

Other Credentials:
Founder/operator, The Robbat Center for Advancement of Energy Healing
Author, Engaging Your Power: Using Your Divine Energy to Have the Life You Want

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
My goal is to help people live their largest, fullest and most inspired life, by healing Body, Mind and Spirit.

I work with individuals who are passionate about living their best life.  I use a variety of methods to help people move beyond their stuck places and limiting beliefs to co-create a life they are inspired to live.  Energy Healing is fundamental in the work I do to create the beliefs that you can live an inspired life.  I use various healing modalities to move people beyond their pain, limitations, and beliefs.  I connect intuitively to your soul to help you understand what your purpose and goals were for this life time.