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Mary Ann Robbat


Mary Ann Robbat
Holistic Coaching and Energy Healing For Powerful Change

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
My goal is to help people live their largest, fullest and most inspired life, by healing Body, Mind and Spirit.

I work with individuals who are passionate about living their best life.  I use a variety of methods to help people move beyond their stuck places and limiting beliefs to co-create a life they are inspired to live.  Energy Healing is fundamental in the work I do to create the beliefs that you can live an inspired life.  I use various healing modalities to move people beyond their pain, limitations, and beliefs.  I connect intuitively to your soul to help you understand what your purpose and goals were for this life time.

M.Ed, Boston University
Energy Healing Modalities
Medical Intuitive Reader
Success Coach
Business Coach
Healing for Impact

Years in Practice:

Other Credentials:
Founder/operator, The Robbat Center for Advancement of Energy Healing
Author, Engaging Your Power: Using Your Divine Energy to Have the Life You Want