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Nutrition counseling

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Marnie Lawler
Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Essex, MA (can work virtually)

Treatment Focus/Specialties: Autoimmune, thyroid issues, kids health, pre-diabetic, food allergies and sensitivities, hormone imbalances including help with fertility (male and female), general fatigue, digestion, depression, sleep issues, skin issues

Our mission is to empower you to feel your absolute best.  Unlike traditional care- which usually works to suppress symptoms- we view the body as an interconnected whole, particularly as it relates to health and disease, and we work to eliminate symptoms by addressing the underlying cause.  At What is Health, we believe in bio-individuality, the understanding that each human body possesses its own unique functionality and needs.  We believe that our bodies never lie nor deceive us; if your body is asking for something- through a craving, health complaint, or other means of communication- we help you to uncover the source of the problem and determine how to respond appropriately.  We guide our clients to heal themselves through nutrition while teaching them techniques to manage stress and improve overall quality of living.  We do not recommend a one-size-fits-all crash diet, but rather we focus you on a nutrient-dense, non-processed diet and help you create an individualized program to inspire a lifestyle change that you can embrace for the rest of your life.

Services offered are on one one consultations, wellness testing which may include (adrenal panel, hormone panel, GI panel, food sensitivity testing as well as a functional blood chemistry evaluation).

Degrees/Certifications: Nutrition Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Association, Dr. William Kleber Understanding, Evaluating and Addressing Autoimmune Disorders,  Dr. Abbas Qutab, Mastering The Science Of Integrative Blood Chemistry, GAPS Certification, Robb Wolf’s Paleo Nutrition, Chris Kresser’s Book Talk, Your Personal Paleo Code, Loren Cordain Paleo for Athletes, USA Triathlon Certified Coach, ACE Personal Trainer

Years in Practice: 3

Other credentials: BS in Biology from St. Lawrence University; Masters in Education – Middle School Science 5-9