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Liane Moccia



Liane Moccia
Certified Herbalist

Andover, MA (can work virtually)

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
Stress, energy and mental clarity, mood and sleep. 

Liane is a Certified Herbalist who specializes in stress, energy and mental clarity, mood, and healthy sleep.  Her approach to health is simple and holistic. Using traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research, she combines herbs with lifestyle and dietary changes to help bring the body back into balance.Liane works with clients to help them live a life of less stress, more energy, mental clarity, and deep joy.  Her approach is highly personalized. Clients receive a custom herbal blend that supports the individual person, not just a particular ailment.  This is the true “art of herbalism” that leads to deep and lasting change.

Consultations include:

  • In depth discussion to cover past and current health history and concerns

  • Exploration of the four wellness pillars (stress, energy and mental clarity, mood, and sleep) and how they are effecting your current state of well-being

  • A custom herbal tincture blend created for your wellness needs, goals, and personal constitution

  • A holistic plan and protocol that address you as a person, not just your symptoms

Appointments are available in person in Andover, MA or over the phone/Skype for distance clients.

Certified Herbalist

Years in Practice: Since January, 2018

Other Credentials: BS in Communication & Journalism