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katie schroeder

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Katie Schroeder
Yoga Instructor, Studio Owner, 

Gloucester, MA

BA Pyschology
MA Conflict Resolution
MA Counseling

Years in Practice:
10+ Years

Other Credentials:
ERYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Treatment Focus/Specialities:
Yoga for stress reduction, relaxation, flexibility, strength, mindfulness, breathing & balance

Katie, ERYT and founder of North Shore Restorative Yoga, found yoga and instantly fell in love. She realized that yoga was a lifelong practice to true self-love, healing and transformation. Always a spiritual seeker on the path to find happiness and health, the physical practice of yoga and the philosophy continuously remind her to reconnect to the wisdom of the body, the witness of the mind and the light of the heart. She is a teacher, counselor, mother and student, always returning to the path of yoga to anchor her during the most challenging times, the most joyful times and all that life offers in between.

Katie enjoys all forms of yoga and her heart was drawn to the deeply healing practice of restorative yoga as a way to cope and find resilience with the many challenges that life can bring. By supporting the body with props in simple, yet deeply therapeutic poses, linked with slow, mindful breathing, Katie found that by being still, she could truly experience the true essence of healing and heart opening. Katie inspires her students to awaken and reconnect daily to their bodies through gentle, mindful movement that encourages physical, mental and emotional well-being. She empowers students to cultivate mindful awareness that restores balance and healing on and off the mat. With advanced degrees in psychology and conflict resolution and her passion for restorative yoga, Katie hopes to encourage a journey back to the heart of what truly matters to each individual through this ancient practice of connecting body, mind and breath. Katie feels grateful every day that it is her job to lead others towards their unique path of health and happiness.

North Shore Restorative Yoga is a boutique yoga healing arts studio and wellness center on the North Shore of Boston. We offer an intimate, sacred space to practice vinyasa flow, the basics, and slow, gentle restorative yoga. Safely stretch your body, gently calm your mind and inspire your heart with our variety of class offerings that NEVER SKIP SAVASANA! Our experienced instructors are masters of yoga instruction and deep relaxation. We offer daily classes, workshops and private sessions to include Vinyasa Flow and Restore, Slow Flow, Gentle Restore, Basics, and Relax and Restore.