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Kate Ward
Founder, Triumvirate Wellness
Beverly Farms, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing - individual sessions and weekly group workshops at my location in Beverly Farms

I help people find and live their purpose, identify and bust through obstacles, and get clear on what they want. The holistic approach of integrating coaching and energy work addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of who you are. This allows me to identify the root of the problem, so we can then work on balancing the body’s natural energy centers, as well as the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living a life of purpose and passion. With my experience in guiding individuals through major life and career transitions, my own transformative personal growth experience and my formal training in energy work, I am prepared to help you move through life in a more authentic and meaningful way.

Energy Healing 

Years in Practice:
15 years coaching +  one year energy healing