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karen cerato

Lyme Magnetic Protocol Practitioner



Karen Cerato, OT/L, RMT, LMP
Lyme Magnetic Protocol Practitioner
Reiki Master-Teacher
Nashua, NH

Treatment Focus/ Specialties:
Lyme disease, chronic infection, autoimmune disorders, mold/other detoxification, anxiety & depression. Work with people of all ages, including children.

I offer bio-magnetic therapy to people of all ages, who are experiencing symptoms of Lyme Disease, co-infections, autoimmune disorders and detoxification concerns. My goal is to build the strength of the immune system and assist in eradicating the body of the pathogens.

Level 4-Trained in Lyme Magnetic Protocol
Reiki Master-/Teacher
Registered Yoga Teacher
BS in Occupational Therapy

Years in Practice: 
LMP - 3 years
Reiki - 17 years
Yoga - 6 years