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Jennifer riggs


Jennifer Riggs
Certified Professional Coach

81 Old Essex Rd, Manchester MA, 01944

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute,
International Coach Federation member
Juris Doctorate, Loyola University Chicago
Bachelor of Arts, Tufts University

Years in practice:

Other Credentials: 
Yoga practitioner since 1998, yoga teacher for 7 years, Mindfulness practitioner since 2011

Treatment Focus/Specialities:
Stress management and confidence building.

I am a professionally trainer and certified coach. I am also a mother and former lawyer. A true mix of left-brained logic and right brained intuition, I practice yoga and mindfulness meditation. As a coach I help accomplished professionals manage stress, build confidence and find greater clarity, balance and fulfillment in their careers in and lives. While coaching follows a particular model based on my training and certification, it is flexible and tailored to fit each client's individual needs. 
Specifically, I work with clients to:
- Create greater awareness surrounding their stress and better choices for managing it;
-Move away from self-doubt and toward greater self-confidence by setting goals, tapping into courage and taking meaningful actions;
- Combat negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
-Find greater energy focus and inspiration