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Jane Newton Kunin


Jane Newton Kunin
Vermont, MA (can work virtually)

Treatment Focus/Specialties: Dream Centered Therapy

Dreams hold an incredible wealth of wisdom for our growth and healing if we are willing to listen to them.  Dreams can be horrifying, humorous, or disturbing -- but they can enable us to evolve and grow on all levels of our being from the biological to the spiritual. My practice is focused on working one-on-one with adult clients to explore the unique meaning and intentions of their dreams. My work is deeply informed by Carl Jung, Marrion Woodman and James Hillman. I work collaboratively with clients and hold their dreams as sacred.  I believe the wisdom of the unconscious, when brought into our waking lives, can radically change the course of our lives.  I see clients in person in Shelburne, Vermont and via phone and Skype. Sessions typically last 1 ½ hours and I provide an initial consultation at no cost. 

MSW University of Vermont

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