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Hilary J. Crowley


Hilary J. Crowley
Natural Health Intuitive, Reiki Master
Manchester, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties:
Promoting healing through energy balance and body wisdom for children, teens, and adults

Natural Health Intuition is a practice that promotes healing through energy balance and body wisdom. Each session is deeply relaxing and results in less stress, more clarity and a renewed sense of wellness.  Although it is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, it can assist in identifying the root of an issue at the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual level. It is an appropriate complement to both conventional and alternative care. Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes with a brief intake and final summary. You will be on a massage table for approximately one hour. In most cases you will receive a written report with a list of intuitive feedback.

Certified Reiki Master (2001)

Years in Practice:

Other Credentials:
Studies in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Steven Farmer, Carol Rittenberger, PhD, Judith Young, PhD and Dr. Miriam Wolf