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September 19th, 2017

I did it, I did it, I did it. I showed them, the doctors, I am not crazy; I pushed for more answers, I searched for a doctor who would listen to me. After receiving the news I had Collaganeous Colitis I wanted to find a doctor who would help me on the journey to discovering why and what was causing the inflammation in my gut. I drove to Portsmouth NH to see Dr. Aguiar, a Naturopath who had been recommended by a friend. He sat and listened to me for 2 hours. When you are so sick of being sick having someone listen without judgment or trying to fix it, it is a gift. I think many doctors today miss the importance of compassion.

After our two- hour appointment he decided to run a couple of tests and off I went to the lab. The hardest part about most of these tests are two things 1) They are not covered by insurance and 2) They take a month to come back with results… so the waiting began.

A month later still struggling to get through the day, not sure what was triggering me I got answers. I was diagnosed with Lyme and SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). Sounds bad right but I was relieved. Now I could treat the cause and not the symptom. I was moving forward. I knew both diagnoses weren’t great but it could be worse.

I thought of everything I was going to do: who I was going to call, who I was not going to call, I might post it facebook, twitter ( I don’t even know how to tweet) instagram, like a big screw you  to my GI doctor I was right. But then I remembered the rule, the golden rule, give it 48 hours at least. My husband and I learned that early on as parents, don’t send an angry email right away to a coach, teacher etc give it 48hrs. So I am going to sit and wait.  I call my husband ready eager to share the news, so excited I feel like I am telling him I am pregnant.  I know it’s strange to be so excited about being diagnosed with bacterias but it’s been a long road. I finally have an answer.  I am so glad I followed my gut.