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Can We Heal Autoimmune Disorders?

The fastest growing class of diseases in America is indeed the autoimmune conditions. Many of us, or friends/family members of ours, have been told that a symptom or condition we have, often an otherwise seemingly inexplicable or non-diagnostic one, is "autoimmune".

What does this mean, exactly? And why is it happening? Can we do something about it (preventatively, or for treatment), especially without pharmaceutical medication? Could it be lifestyle-related (food or otherwise)? What is the connection between Lyme/tick-borne disease, mold toxin exposures (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), systemic yeast, or other chronic infections, and autoimmune disorders?

Join Dr. Mark Su, as we explore these questions together from a functional medicine perspective, empowering you to better understand these seemingly vague and mysterious terms and conditions, and what we can do about them, including a greater focus on tick-borne disease and the environmental mold-mediated CIRS condition.

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