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Wellness Week



There is something for everyone in this Wellness Week. Whether the kids are at school or you are working this is a chance to customize your self-care for a week. Join us to restore and rejuvenate your mind and body at our September Wellness Week. 

You deserve it.

Come join us to focus on you & your health. Our goal is for you to leave by the end of the week feeling equipped with the knowledge you need to be your healthiest and happiest self. Each day, expect to enjoy a guided meditation and supportive group discussion to touch base on any health concerns. Each day will also include a new speaker and special treatment to enhance your experience. In addition to group work, speakers and treatments we will also together to have 5 Days of clean eating (together for 5 days we will remove processed sugars & carbs). This is not a cleanse. This is a part of an opportunity to feel lighter (physically and mentally) happier and healthier. 

Monday: Allison Coughlin Hall, a personal trainer and nutritionist, will join us as a speaker on our first day. She will provide us with workout and nutrition tips to jump start our week of clean eating, health and self-centering.

Tuesday: Christine Cronin, will lead a seminar on homeopathic remedies and how we can benefit from them to maximize our health. Concluding our session, Laura Hayswill perform zero-balancing therapy on those who are interested (all included in cost). 

Wednesday:  Grace Harrington Murdoch , reiki master and essential oil specialist, will speak on the benefits of flower essence therapy for a variety of uses including anxiety, stress, sleep. 

Thursday:  Greta Williams, acupuncturist, will lead a discussion on the benefits of acupuncture and how it can positively affect your health. Concluding our session, Roy Gottlieb will lead craniosacral therapy for those who are interested (all included in cost).

Friday: Jenn Riggs, life coach, will conclude our week with an uplifting talk and discussion focusing on confidence. Our final pampering treat for you is an ion foot bath provided by Active Healing.

In addition to the sessions hosted at 102 Apple Street, we are offering a healthy food option for the week. 

Food Option: Meals by Revitalive

No need to cook.. great option for those of you who can't partake in the daily workout or those of you who want to eat well but don't want to cook. Receive 5 days worth of salads, soups and 4 juices daily & snack from Revitalive.
Pick up at 102 Apple St.

We look forward to pampering you.


**Each day should last 1-2 hours depending on if you choose to participate in the holistic treatments offered at the end of each session. 



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