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"Research has shown that companies committed to employee wellness can expect a savings of between $3 and $6 for every $1 invested in wellness programming"- U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Wellness Connect Corporate Programs are designed to put wellness into the workplace. By investing a portion of your company’s resources in an employee wellness initiative, you can help educate your employees on how to make healthier lifestyle choices creating a culture of wellness for your workplace.

Wellness Connect offers a broad range of unique solutions and practices that focus on the overall “well-being” of the individual. Whether it’s a seminar on the benefits of meditation, healthy eating solutions, yoga, or how to improve positive flow in the workplace, Wellness Connect will give your employees the knowledge to live healthier lives as well as inspire and energize your workplace. 

For an additional fee Wellness Connect will provide a healthy lunch to accompany presentation for program participants

Allow Wellness Connect the opportunity to work with your employees and your organization will see and feel the change.