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Christine Cronin
Holistic Practitioner
Danvers, MA

Treatment Focus/Specialties: 
Anyone who feels that a natural approach will further their wellness goals. Women's health, digestive issues, metabolic syndrome and many more, from the very young to the more mature adult. 

At Satya Wellness, we offer the very best in natural health and overall health maintenance.  We combine traditional and complementary methodologies with state-of-the-art technology to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We use a multitude of tools to help your body, mind and spirit regain balance: bio-energetic devices to eavesdrop in on your body, Ayurvedic lifestyle principles, aromatherapy, essential oils, homeopathy, sound nutritional advice and conscious communication to help you achieve a healthy balance. Through our process of assessment and education, we can assist you to keep your body in balance. Our aim is to help you rediscover that great health is an inside job!

Ayurveda, Perfect Health Instructor Chopra Center for Well Being;
PhD in Natural Health Kingdom College of Natural Health;
BioEngergeti Practitioner from International College of BioEnergetic Practitioner from International College of BioEnergetic Medicine 2014 and from Unified Medicine Institute 2016

Years in Practice: 8

Reiki Master and Teacher
BA in Education, Switzerland