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candace unis

Grief counselor

Candace Unis
Grief Specialist-Intuitive Counselor

Treatment Focus/Specialities:
Grief Support Services, Mediumship Sessions, Group Guided Meditations

I offer sessions for grievers who seek a companion to walk beside them on the difficult journey of loss and fried whether though death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job or other losses encountered in life. Having experienced many losses in my own life;death of loved ones, divorce, loss of friendships, and loss of beloved family pets, I know the heartbreak of grief and the emotions that accompany the experience of grieving any loss and how personal and unique that journey is. I am honored to walk your journey with you.
As a medium I can connect with your loved ones who have crossed to the other side and bring evidential information, guidance and messages of hope, love and healing, proving they are "alive just different". You are provided the reassurance that confirms your loved one(s) have survived the transition to the Spirit side of life and are happy and whole once more. 
I also have experience in facilitating guided meditations to relieve the stress of mind, body and spirt and as an intuitive counselor I assist clients with identifying and clarifying life patterns or experiences that may be blocking their true path and passion in life. 
Certified grief Speicailist, Grief Recovery Institute of Los Angeles, Reiki Master

Years in Practice:

Other Credentials: 
Spirit Medium, Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master, Guided Meditation Facilatator