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Allison hall

Personal trainer


Allison Hall
Personal Trainer

2 Hidden Ledge Road
Manchester MA

Degrees/ Certifications:
B.S. Exercise Science, nutritional Therapy Practitioner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Years in Practice:
Nutritional Therapist: 1 year, 1 month
Personal Trainer: 9 years, 2 months
Personal Chef: 3 years

Other Credentials:
USA Triathlon coach, Pre/post natal certified, FMS certified, VIPR certified, Schwinn certified spin instructor

Treatment Focus/Specialities:
Help people feel and move better in their everyday life and in their athletics through diet and exercise. I work with many people who are recovering from an injury to get them healthier and stronger again. 

Health and well­being have always been Allison’s passions. After graduating from Colby­Sawyer College with a degree in Exercise Science, she began her profession as a personal trainer. After five years of training at Manchester Athletic Club, she brought her career to Equinox in Boston where her knowledge and enthusiasm for exercise and nutrition blossomed. Being a competitive endurance athlete, Allison is very in tune with her body, but during the years of competing she suffered several injuries as a result of over­training. In frustration with ongoing issues that conventional doctors ignored, Allison hired a Nutritional Therapist and ultimately realized that­ in order to feel truly healthy­ she needed to go even beyond the exercise. She was inspired by her to work on her diet, and after several years, she was able to clear up her skin, heal her gut, improve her energy, improve her anxiety and depression, and prevent any further injury. After achieving such astounding results, she was inspired to pursue her own certification in Nutritional Therapy so she, too, could help others heal themselves through nutrition. She now enjoys teaching people how they can feel better every day by nourishing their body with real food and exercise.